Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of your child. We all want our children to thrive. But you may have noticed that your child is struggling to see clearly in the distance, this can lead to difficulty concentrating at school; your child may have myopia, commonly called short sightedness. Untreated this can lead to lasting visual problems.

An estimated 5 billion people or 50% of the global population could be short sighted by 2050.

With the use of digital devices as an everyday activity this occurrence of myopia is expected to increase significantly. Being able to have your child’s myopia diagnosed early not only corrects their vision now but can help slow the progression and preserve their vision and eye health for their future.

Hoya have researched and developed a unique lens to provide a safe, easy to use, effective and non-invasive method to manage myopia with the MiYOSMART lenses.  These lenses can slow down the myopia progression on average by 60% and halt it by 21.5%. This goes a long way towards protecting your child’s vision and well-being in the long-term.

Our qualified opticians are all accredited in prescribing and dispensing these specialist lenses to your child, having undertaken a rigorous training programme to ensure they can give you the best advice and service during this period of myopia management.

It is also very important to manage Screen Time with Green Time.

Research has shown that spending more time outdoors may reduce the risk of myopia and its progression. It is necessary for all children to take regular breaks from intensive screen time or near work.

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